I have a question about what is the Virginia Docent Exchange

I have a question about Virginia Docent Exchange Registration

I have a question about Virginia Docent Exchange Workshop Proposals

I have a question about Museum Membership


Virginia Docent Exchange General Questions

1. What is the Virginia Docent Exchange!!!!

The Virginia Docent Exchange is a conference held every two years planned by museum/art center volunteers and Staff to exchange ideas and innovations in museum practices. The Exchange is hosted at a member museum on a rotating basis every two years.

2. When is the next Exchange?

Exchanges are held every two years for two days in the Spring. The 2019 Docent Exchange will be hosted by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia on Sunday, April 14th and Monday, April 15th.

3. Who can attend the Exchange?

Anyone! If you are a docent, volunteer, or staff member at a member museum you get to attend at a discounted price. If you are not not associated with a member museum, you can still attend by paying a higher registration fee.


Registration Questions

1. What are the registration fees?

Your registration fee will depend on your status as Member Museum or Non Member Museum Docent or Staff member and if you are registering for the two day conference or one day conference. Please check our registration page to find your registration fee.

2. What is the difference between one-day registration and two-day registration?

Information coming soon!

3. How can I register for the exchange?

Our registration page is currently under construction. 

4. Oops! I’ve made a mistake on my registration form! What do I do?

E-mail the host museum. Information coming soon!

5. When is the deadline to register for the exchange?


Workshop Proposals

1. Who can present a workshop at an Exchange?

Only member museums can present at an Exchange.

2. How do I submit a workshop proposal?

Information coming soon! 

3. When is the deadline to submit a workshop proposal?



Member Museum

1. What are the requirements of Member Museums?

Please read our bylaws to review requirements of Member Museums. You can review our Bylaws here!

2. How can my museum become a Member Museum?

Please submit a membership application on our website by visiting our Join the Exchange page.

3. My museum is already a member and we need to pay our dues. How do we pay our dues?

Information coming soon!